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What is Falun Gong?

02 January, 2008

What's the face of evil?

I have just visited a Falun Gong site , following a Youtube user's suggestion in a comment to "Part 2" video.

Before you visit the site, vote in the poll "What is Falun Gong?".

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Though I already knew a bit about FG, I learned more from the site. I was tempted to post this or this. But, in the end, I decided to comment on the following one:

Four Swiss practitioners appeal against 'shoot on sight' order outside the China Liaison Office in Hong KongRead the entire article to learn the details. In short the story is:

At 08:50 on 14 March 2002, four Swiss practitioners began a three-day sit-in and hunger strike outside the China Liaison office in Hong Kong, appealing against Chairman Jiang's orders to "kill without pardon" and "shoot [Falun Dafa practitioners] on sight". Soon after, twelve Hong Kong practitioners joined them spontaneously. The gathering was peaceful and legal.
On 15 March, the practitioners were charged with "obstruction of property".
The judge presented a guilty verdict on 15 August.
So, why have I chosen this story for the post? The others two I mentioned were undoubtely stronger: one for its lyric and profound sadness, the other for its beyond-the-limit horror.


Well, here's the answer: have you noticed WHERE it all took place? It was not in China. It was in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was a crown colony of the United Kingdom from 1842 until the transfer of its sovereignty to the People's Republic
of China in 1997. The Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law of Hong
Kong stipulate that Hong Kong operates with a high degree of autonomy
until at least 2047
, fifty years after the transfer. Under the policy
of "one country, two systems", the Central People's Government is responsible
for the territory's defence and foreign affairs, while Hong Kong maintains its
own legal system, police force, monetary
system, customs policy, immigration policy, and delegates to international
organisations and events. (Wikipedia)

High Degree of autonomy?
one country, two systems??
maintains its own legal system???

For those of you who don't remember it, Hong Kong was a highly liberal country. Such a transformation as that described in this article is horrific. From "highly liberal" to "liberticide" in the space of five years.

This is the kind of things which we must learn to pay attention to.

In February 2003, less than one year later, Hong Kong leaders moved to enact "anti-subversion" legislation that would ban any group banned in "the Mainland" (Yes, that means China).

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Jana said...

Wake up Children, Why on earth would the Chinese communist regime stop any Genocide in Burma or Darfur when they have their own full blown Genocide inside China on the peaceful Falun Gong?

Murder torture and violent revolution is their essential nature and they will kill all that is good on this earth.

The Chinese communist regime has killed 80 million Chinese people in the last 60 years and the body count is rising even more as we speak. Shame on you Jacques Rogue .. you bring great shame on the Olympics

AJK said...

Dear Jana,

your words are like music to me. Music can be fortissimo and music can be con dolcezza; can make you feel anger, can make you fill love...
If it IS Music, then it vibrates in harmony with one's Soul.

"Wake up Children"...
"Get Aware"...

If you ask a child what he will be when he's grown, the answers will be like "Astronaut", "Dancer", "Singer"... Many of them will change idea over time, others will stick to it; whatever the case, those goals have traced their path.
My blog is newborn, it's like a Child... He sould answer "A True Chinese Renaissance" ;op