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11 January, 2008

Quenching the thirst

TANG SHEBANG: A Divine Performing Arts dancer TANG SHEBANG: A Divine Performing Arts dancer

After reading this post on Jana's blog, I went to the article's page and wrote a message to the author, Rupert Bottenberg.

Here's the text of it:

Dear Mr. Bottenberg,

I read about your article on the http://atruechineserenaissance.blogspot.com/ blog.

I want to thank you. Not because I have any involvement with the artists or whatsoever (I have none). But because I am devoted to spread awareness of things which people are kept unaware of. And, China's government is one of the most ferocious master of censorship and abuse.

The effort of the artists you talk about in your article is precious. Not because they try to foment a revolt - they don't. But because they are voiding the enormous - and astonishingly violent - censorship effort put in place by China's governors since the so-called "Cultural Revolution".

Mao and its successors have tried to definitely wipe out millennia of history, of culture. They decided to build a ferocious empire from the ashes, and so they burnt everything valuable. God, philosophy, any form of culture... Totally forbidden.

THEY are the only Master of chinese people, no chinese people can have other masters but them...

They tried to.

But this year, the year of the rat as you recall, the year of the rat as in that culture they tried to erase... This year, the phoenix of a new chinese renaissance is raising from the ashes they made.

And you helped it.

PS I will post this email on my blog, http://getaware.blogspot.com/ You are welcome to comment there!

There is always a lot of talking about journalism. Journalism should not be this, journalism should mean that...
This kind of journalism is good. Not much fanfare, no yells...

Drops, discreet drops. Of pure water.

That's what consciences are thirsty of.

Get Aware

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