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27 December, 2007

To Carol

Thanks for your words.

Just remember that... We all were in the same point, all of us. At the very beginning of the universe, all of the atoms I'm made of, as well all as yours, my wife's, and all of the sun's, too... Everything was in the very same, little point.

What is now apparently distant, everything shares the same nature.

Being in a different galaxy... It's just an illusion. Inside Reality (which is not apparent reality), there's no distance, not even between two stars.

Oh, and by the way: it's quantum physics I'm talking about, not opinions... "It's just the way it is"

That's what "getting aware" is, after all: breaking the chains of illusion.

Happy you're back!

25 December, 2007

Merry Christmas

To the Burmese people,
To the Tibetan people.

To aware people,
to next-to-be-aware people.

To suffering people,
To enduring people.

To people unwillingly causing suffering...
And even to people willingly doing so.
'Cause time will come when they understand the horror they caused,
And time will come for them to pay - in measure with their understanding.

And they will be enduring people,
suffering people,
next-to-be-aware people,
aware people.

And they will be Tibetan people,
And they will be Burmese people.

Merry Christmas, to all the people.

This is my present:

20 December, 2007

Do you want a girl?

Big China imposes citizens to have one child, no more.
And, guess what? Most citizens prefer a male child: they are more useful on the farm. But... how can you make sure you don't have a daughter?

Well, you can't. No, sir, no way. You just try. And if it's a daughter, well then.... you fix the problem, don't you? In China there are a lot of abandoned newborn daughters (usually not living the night) and selective abortions.

So, as a result, in Big China there are some 30 millions more men than women.

So, as a result, wealthy old chinese simply go to desperate neighborhood Burma... Just a few bucks (yuan), and a 10 year old virgin won't see his parents anymore. A "rich" future standing in front of her.

Rich of what, I prefer not to think.

18 December, 2007

Have you asked yourself?

Have you asked yourself what happened in Burma after the last riots?

Have you asked yourself why the media are not talking about it anymore?

Have you asked yourself if it's right for China to host the 2008 Olympic Games?

If you don't know, monks have been hunted throughout all Burma, stunned and burnt (you know, just so that no common grave can later be discovered). The Temples are now full of soldiers with their head shaved, all smiles. People is told that the government forced monk to move from one temple to the other... That's the only reason the temples are full with unknown monks...

If you don't know, China is one of the biggest partner of every other country. And China strongly discourages opposition. And, obviously, is not afraid of menacing. Anyone.

If you don't know: no, it's not right at all that China hosts the 2008 Olympic Games. They are the biggest tiranny nowadays. They value life nothing. They respect NO human rights.

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