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27 December, 2007

To Carol

Thanks for your words.

Just remember that... We all were in the same point, all of us. At the very beginning of the universe, all of the atoms I'm made of, as well all as yours, my wife's, and all of the sun's, too... Everything was in the very same, little point.

What is now apparently distant, everything shares the same nature.

Being in a different galaxy... It's just an illusion. Inside Reality (which is not apparent reality), there's no distance, not even between two stars.

Oh, and by the way: it's quantum physics I'm talking about, not opinions... "It's just the way it is"

That's what "getting aware" is, after all: breaking the chains of illusion.

Happy you're back!


Carol said...

Thank you Andrea.

The pop up & word verification is a bit difficult for me as I'm on dialup- It's very slow, takes a lot of time for me to comment.


AJK said...

Sorry ;op

Anyway, I am glad you turned your blog on again... I felt sorry when it seemed you simply deleted everything and shut it down.

I like exchanging ideas with you

Carol said...

Hello Andrea,

Happy New Year.

I'm planning on creating a new blog but I don't know how to easily and quickly transfer all of the posts from my blog to the new one. I didn't delete the posts, I have the other posts in the draft mode.

I too like exchanging ideas with you, it's just that lately I've been depressed, don't have the words to describe what it is. Perhaps it's the cold dark winter here in Minnesota- The days are short & dark and it's FREEZING outside. It's warmer where you live, isn't it?

Peace to you.

From, Carol

AJK said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AJK said...

Yeah, I guessed something ;op

That's the reason I wrote this post to you... You know, I used to get depressed.. It was my half-time mood until my mid twenties!

I know the post is a bit too... "wordy", but... I saw your goodbye post, with the nebula image... It just seemed like a good way to send a remote hug ;op

Thinking about things like that always make me feel warmer.

And, by the way: yes, it's a bit warmer in here... some "48°F feels like 44°F"! ;op


I wanted to ask you... what's "zero" for you?

Carol said...

Regarding..."I wanted to ask you... what's "zero" for you?

I posted an answer to your question, in my blog.


AJK said...


I read your post some day ago; I got back there today to write my comment, but the post isn't there anymore...

You love playing with me, aren't you? ;oppp

I feel like a mouse with a cat! ;op

Carol said...

I just thought that you had nothing to say so I put it back into draft. I'm sorry.

And I'm not playing with you, you'll know when I'm being mischievous. ;*)

Carol said...

Andrea, The road to the beloved zer0 post is back up, if you still want to comment.

You must be some where else, as I see you haven't updated or visited my blog.

Hope that all's well with you.


AJK said...

More or less... Physically I'm here, but quite busy!
You might have noticed that I'm somewhat discontinuous in my online activity, don't you? ;op

I need some time to comment back on that... I've too many things to say to fit in one comment!

Just - don't remove it ;-)

Carol said...

Personal question... are you Italian? Sorry if I'm being TOO curious.

Take your time but hurry up already! :-P

AJK said...

"Take your time but hurry up": you will be a perfect wife, believe me!

As for your question... Yes.
And no.

Carol said...

I am a perfect wife.

Yes and No? WTF?

AJK said...


I was writing my comment on your blog... took some time to write.. I pushed "preview" and BANG! Blogger error! And, the post is not there anymore!

I told you, you're playing the cat with the mouse!!! :-p

- SIGH - I liked that comment :-(((

AJK said...

... I am joking...

It IS clear, isn't it?