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28 February, 2008

Part IV & vacancy...

This is quite an interesting lapse of time in my life.
I am busy... very busy. As a fact, I have not been able to post in the blog for a while, and this will probably go on till the end of march - mid april.

In the meanwhile, Stopnow100 unleashed the fourth part of the video - which is by now reaching 400K views!

This part has something different, looks like the author still has a lot cards in his deck! First - no more Stravinsky. The theme is now a sound - but edited! - Beethoven.
More over, we get to see the monk's reincarnation as a ninja's newborn childe. Try to watch the sequence when we see the baby's face for the first time, with mr. Ludwig Van's arches playing in the 'ground, and not be moved, if you can. Everytime I do, something from inside my chest erupts right into my eyes...

One of the demons also makes his appearance... Just so that he gets what he deserves.

On the boycott side, we all have seen mr Spielberg's resignation. Maybe I should say we all cheered it. Even though I didn't write a post on it, I made some comment in the blogosphere. There has also been the scandal of the British Athletes being coerced to silence, and the declarations of athletes like Richard Vaughan, a medal contender in badminton, who joined a group who will campaign throughout the Olympics for international action to be taken in the region.

The rolling stone is gathering mass...

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Boycott Berling2008 Olympics

11 February, 2008

Information war (real casualties)

An information war has been started by China to promote its own image (and the CCP's as well...), and the Beijing Olympics are the atomic bomb of the chinese army. A war made of propaganda, of disinformation, of censorship.

Chinese Olympic Rings - unmadeinchina.org
Many - to say the least - have recognised the hostile campaign and started to counter, playing the same war: a war for information.

Many have started, more and more are joining. It's nothing less than that: a war. With a massive, and very powerful army on the other side.

Whoever recognises it, has to take side.

If you don't know much, you can start by giving a look at these sources:
Unmade in China
A post of mine, on the "Burma in Chains" video
Bloggers Boycott 2008 Olympics
Jana's blog on China and CCP
The Nine Commentaries
"Will the boat sink the water?", a must-read book

... plus, obviously, a lot others; any of the links above is but a starting point.

Imagine yourself a few months before 1936 Berlin Olympics. Would you stand still?

Or would you choose a side?

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Boycott Berling2008 Olympics

29 January, 2008

Burma in chains, part three! (second one)

The very sparkle this blog owes its own existance to, Stopnow100's "Burma in Chains" video is now three steps away from the start. In other words, we have the Part 3.

Once again, I must say.
Once again, and half a minute shorter...

Part 3 was first released on January 23rd-24th. It was definitely graphical in nature... Even gruesome, one would say. But it hit the point, no doubt: just a few hours later it had more than 10.000 views and a lot of interesting comments, from a lot of people never seen before.

And then, baby, everything went black...

The video has been removed by YouTube. The reason? Here's what Stopnow100 told us:

YouTube has deemed the content of the third video inappropriate. We do not know exactly what the reason is for this, but we are working on a modified version to then propose. Hopefully someone has downloaded it, and will then upload it on some other site. We will let you know.
We do not know exactly what the reason is for this...
I'm pretty sure there are formal justification for YouTube behaviour. YT Terms of Use give those guys pretty much "life or death" power on the videos they publish. But whatever the formal reason, you can find other videos offending the very same rule, which are not removed.

Oh, yes, YT guys would reply that if we flag those video too, they will aso be removed. But why would we?

I could go on for pages. Essence is, "the reason for this" is very simple:
to pay China a favor.

Now, the third part of the video has been edited. These are the words of the author:
unmadeinchina.org hosts the uncut version of this video, as they downloaded it before it was removed.
This is the version which has been edited so that it could be acceptable to YouTube policy
Following is the edited version on YouTube. Judge by yourself the cost of paying China a favor.

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Boycott Berling2008 Olympics