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11 February, 2008

Information war (real casualties)

An information war has been started by China to promote its own image (and the CCP's as well...), and the Beijing Olympics are the atomic bomb of the chinese army. A war made of propaganda, of disinformation, of censorship.

Chinese Olympic Rings - unmadeinchina.org
Many - to say the least - have recognised the hostile campaign and started to counter, playing the same war: a war for information.

Many have started, more and more are joining. It's nothing less than that: a war. With a massive, and very powerful army on the other side.

Whoever recognises it, has to take side.

If you don't know much, you can start by giving a look at these sources:
Unmade in China
A post of mine, on the "Burma in Chains" video
Bloggers Boycott 2008 Olympics
Jana's blog on China and CCP
The Nine Commentaries
"Will the boat sink the water?", a must-read book

... plus, obviously, a lot others; any of the links above is but a starting point.

Imagine yourself a few months before 1936 Berlin Olympics. Would you stand still?

Or would you choose a side?

Get Aware

Boycott Berling2008 Olympics


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