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20 December, 2007

Do you want a girl?

Big China imposes citizens to have one child, no more.
And, guess what? Most citizens prefer a male child: they are more useful on the farm. But... how can you make sure you don't have a daughter?

Well, you can't. No, sir, no way. You just try. And if it's a daughter, well then.... you fix the problem, don't you? In China there are a lot of abandoned newborn daughters (usually not living the night) and selective abortions.

So, as a result, in Big China there are some 30 millions more men than women.

So, as a result, wealthy old chinese simply go to desperate neighborhood Burma... Just a few bucks (yuan), and a 10 year old virgin won't see his parents anymore. A "rich" future standing in front of her.

Rich of what, I prefer not to think.


AJK said...

I also got a series of photo, some year ago, which I've never been able to forget... The little body of a newborn daughter... On the street, down the walkabout. People passing by, not even looking at the little corpse. The witness reported she was still warm. Probably still alive when she was thrown away...
He reported policemen didn't welcome his plea to do something.

I think I still have the photos, somewhere.

Carol said...

Hello. You really care and I respect and admire you for your efforts. Peace~


Carol said...

Someone I know adopted a six year old boy from an orphanage in China. I wonder, are there monetary profits for the Chinese government for each adoption? Because of their lack of value for human life, you'd think that they'd find some other way of "eliminating" all of the unwanted children. Do you know what I'm implying? The Chinese government doesn't seem to have a problem with eliminating unwanted people. Therefore, do they keep alive the children for profit to sell to those who want but for various reasons cannot have children? I think that this is highly possible, don't you?

AJK said...

I have no proof for the chinese, but when Causescu was in power, in Romania, it was a big business. I know for sure of people who adopted from Romanian orphanages... the kids were a mess. They underwent serious physical and psychological sufferings while in the orphanages.

And it was big business, I can assure you.

As I said, I have no evidence of China doing the same. But I have sound fears they do. If not worse.