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10 January, 2008

Bloggers Boycott 2008 Olympics from communist China

This graphic, called "Dancing Beijing Man (in chains) Olympic Logo", and the concept were created by Faithmouse. The idea is to post this graphic on your site and to link to all the others (or as many as you can) who do the same. This crosslinking should boost the graphics’ rating on Google and other search engines thereby raising awareness to the suffering caused by the Chinese government.
Below are the blogs that are joining together for this cause and I will be adding more when others let me know of their participation. Visit Faithmouse for the image and to sign on to the list of bloggers who are trying to make the world a better place. Let me know when you post it!
Faithmouse, Leticia, SFO Mom, Blogs4Brownback, 50 Days After, Kaj, The Good Life, Cooper, Lina Lamont Fan Club, Kaj la hundo, Scarlett Crusader, Makina, Team-Swap, Berlin Wall, WorD, Faith…, A True Chinese Renaissance , Get Aware, Cao’s Blog, extra! extra! See this extensive list for government contacts to voice your objections to this human suffering!


Dan Lacey said...

Thank you AJK!

Caoimhin said...

Great site AJK, and thanks for joining the campaign! Cheers!

AJK said...


thanks. For the comment and for the technorati fav ;op

I thank you for giving us the chance to join... I started this blog for one reason: I am convinced that things CAN be changed. And that spreading knowledge IS a vefficient way to do that!

Let's never give up trying! ;op

AJK said...

vefficient = very efficient

... Wireless keyboards can definitely be a pain... *grin*

Don said...


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Please let me know if you want a link back.
Many thanks for your reply.

Best Regards,


Mberenis said...

LOL that is funny. You will like this site too! 2008 Beijing Olympics